2019 Spending Plan

2019 Spending Plan

Dear Azure Hills Church Supporter,

What did it cost to put our vision into action in 2019? $1,156,110. That is a lot of money but when you think about our church, and all we do, it makes sense. Everything at our church is big! Whether we’re talking about Vacation Bible School for hundreds of kids or maintaining 10 acres of land and 60,000 square feet, the costs add up.

Our giving is big too! We received over $4.1 million in donations in 2019 alone. Over $2.8 million was given to tithe which pays the pastors salaries and supports the world-wide work of the church. Nearly $750,000 was given directly to Vision in Action which funds all our local ministries and another $115,000 was given to the Capital Fund to pay off the loan from major facility renovations like the Sanctuary.

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