Coach – #WeAreAzureHills

Tom Smith

Scripture Meditation: 

“The things you have heard…teach to one another.” 2 Timothy 2:2



“O God, I am a student. You are the teacher. I don’t feel ready but I am also a teacher placed here to influence even as I have been influenced. Teach me when to speak and when to be silent. Help me to find someone to be my mentor by and also someone to mentor.

Remind me that your sweet Holy Spirit uses pain as well as pleasure, failures and successes. Guide me in the name of the Great Teacher and Mentor, the Lord Christ.“


Reflection questions: 

Decide what degree of excellence you want. Ask for help. Seek and you will find.



Select a mentor (coach) whose philosophy of life you share. Ask them…then be open to God’s leading for the mentoree (the one YOU might coach) of His choosing.


Photo Challenge: 

Post your picture with #coach #azurehills for today and let us catch a glimpse of God’s presence in your everyday life.




How do you #WeAreAzureHills?

Join our Azure Hills church community as we #WeAreAzureHills together – celebrating God’s presence in our everyday moments. We invite you to share these moments, especially when we cannot share them together in person.


What is #WeAreAzureHills?

This is a daily scripture, prayer, challenge, reflection question, and photo challenge that will join us together as a faith community, as we are intentional about our connection with one another during these season.


#WeAreAzureHills Photo Challenge

We want to invite you to share this journey with your faith community and use each day’s theme to inspire a daily photo. Post each day on your favorite social media site with the theme and #WeAreAzureHills so we can all be inspired together.

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