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  • Grace Notes

    Grace Notes Sabbath School with Pastor Mike continues as the online video program that precedes the worship service.   Click here.

  • Focus

    Focus Sabbath School led by Elder Arthur Blinci meets by Zoom on Fridays at 6:15 pm. Click Here.

  • Parents

    Parents Sabbath School led by Pastor Trevan meets by Zoom on Friday night, 8:30pm. Click Here.

  • Ladies Table Talk

    Ladies Table Talk Sabbath School led by Connie Haglund meets by Zoom on Sabbath morning.  Click Here.

  • Quest

    Quest Sabbath School led by Doug Herrmann meets by Zoom at 10 am on Sabbath. Click Here.

  • Fringe

    Fringe Sabbath School led by Elder Ernie Medina meets by Zoom 10am Sabbath. Click Here.



A way to find safe places in your area

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House of Ruth

A local domestic violence safehouse. 24 hour hotline, 877-988-5559

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Time for Change Foundation for Homeless Women and Children

2164 N. Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino, 909-886-2994

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Project Sister

State of California Family Services.  CA Hotline for Rape 909-626-4357; CA Hotline for Child Abuse 626-966-4155

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National Domestic Violence Hotline

Offers a variety of resources.

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Breaking the Silence

An NAD Women’s Ministry resource about domestic violence.

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The Dynamics of Domestic Violence

And NAD Women’s Ministry resource, very helpful in helping to identify what is going on and why you feel the way you feel.

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(Women’s Healing and empowerment Network), a Seventh-day Adventist lay ministry for victims of domestic abuse. Their resource tab has resources for many issues that affect women and children.

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Has an anonymous abuse report hotline for child abuse and other resources. 1-800-For-A-Child.

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Financial Abuse

Legal Info about Financial Abuse.

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“Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave“

TED Talk

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