Together we are invited into God’s vision for our community. Together we can experience growth that we couldn’t experience alone.

Together: God’s Vision, Our Growth is a vision capital campaign that seeks to expand our community engagement and enrich the discipleship experience through restoring space and land to their full ministry potential.

Phase 3

Stay tuned for the

future vision for the

vacant land on

Mt. Vernon Avenue

How You Can Help

1. Pray for God’s leading.

2. Increase your giving to Vision in Action to fund our ongoing ministries. Mark your gift “Vision in Action.”

3. Make special donations, above and beyond ongoing giving, to the Vision Capital Campaign to fund the new projects. Mark your gift “Vision Capital Fund.”

4. Fill out a Commitment Card for your gifts to the Vision Capital Fund.
This is not required but will help us greatly as we work with contractors and plan for the completion of the projects. We will have to manage our cash-flow carefully and having an idea of how much, and when we can expect to receive donations, will make this much easier.

My Commitment

Let us know how you will help. This information goes directly to our Treasurer and is kept confidential.