Adult and Young Adult Sabbath School

We are here to help you deepen your relationship with God.

Join one of our Sabbath School study groups as we experience the transformational power of the gospel together!


  • Grace Notes Sabbath School with Pastor Mike continues as the online video program that precedes the worship service.
  • Focus Sabbath School led by Elder Arthur Blinci meets by Zoom on Fridays at 6:15 pm.
  • Parents Sabbath School led by Pastor Trevan meets by Zoom on Friday night, 8:30pm.
  • Ladies Table Talk Sabbath School led by Connie Haglund – Zoom on Sabbath morning.
  • Quest Sabbath School led by Doug Herrmann meets by Zoom at 10 am on Sabbath.
  • Fringe Sabbath School led by Elder Ernie Medina meets by Zoom 10am Sabbath.
  • Spanish Sabbath School keeps in touch by text and may move to Zoom later this summer.
  • Indonesian Sabbath School led by Elder Edward Siahaan hosts a program with hundreds attending each Sabbath morning at 10am.
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