What is the Adventurer Club?

Adventurer Club is a scout style program for children ages 3-9. It provides instructional curriculum that encourages kids to explore the world God made. The purpose of the program is to help children develop a joyful love relationship with Jesus and their community. Through the Adventurer Program, the church and parents can work together to nurture spiritually grounded children.

What to expect

The Club meets once per month (Sept-Apr) from 6:30-8pm. Children are expected to wear uniforms (class C) to meetings. Each meeting starts off with group worship, which includes a praise time, recitation of the pledges and a devotional. Then the kids head off to their classes. Classes are exciting, interactive ways for children to explore faith, nature, science and much more. Hands on approaches to learning make classes great ways to reinforce lessons kids are learning. Lessons correspond with specific honors. At the end of the Adventurer Club year, your child will receive patches representing earned honors during the year.

Classes are taught by volunteer leaders who have passed a background check, but parents are encouraged to participate along with their kids.


In addition to these classes, there will be one extra activity per month such as hiking, camping or a service opportunity as well as an Induction (opening) and Investiture (graduation) ceremony.


Active Ants: Age 3
Little Lambs: Age 4
Eager Beavers: Age 5
Busy Bees: Age 6
Sunbeams: Age 7
Builder: Age 8
Helping Hands: Age 9

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