Children and Youth
Sabbath School

At Azure Hills, children are not just the future, they are a present and vibrant part of our church community.

Our Sabbath School teaches children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and empowers them to spread God’s love and grace in the world. From birth through high school, your child will engage with fun, age appropriate lessons to help them take the next step in their journey of faith. Classes are every Saturday morning from 10:20 – 11:20 am.
Classroom locations and links to lessons are below.

Early Years

You and your child can explore the world of faith together. Through songs, props and simple stories, your child can build a foundation for their growing relationship with Jesus. Stories are repeated over a period of time so your family can become familiar with all the songs and can join in the fun. You can even enjoy a hot drink and some snacks! The Tiny Tots classes also include craft time.

  • Cradle Roll (ages birth-2): Meet in HH4
  • Tiny Tots 1 (age 2): Meet in S-5
  • Tiny Tots 2 (age 3): Meet in MC-2

Growing Kids

Your child is encouraged to engage with the role faith plays in their everyday choices. Using songs, stories, questions and lots of interactive activities teachers help your child internalize each week’s lesson.

  • Pre-Kindergarten (age 4-5½): Meet in MC-3. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child to help them transition. Check out the lesson.
  • Kindergarten: Meet in MC-10. Parents are welcome to drop off their child and join the Parents Class (meets in S3) or any other adult Bible study group. You may also choose to stay with your child if that’s best for your family. Check out the lesson.
  • Primary 1 (Grade 1 & 2): Meet in MC-4. Check out the lesson. Parents are encouraged to join the Parents Class (meets in S3) or any of the other adult Bible study groups.
  • Primary 2 (Grade 3 & 4): Meet in MC-5. Check out the lesson.

Building Disciples

Guided by caring teachers, your child is taught to deepen their relationship with Jesus in a safe space. Challenging Bible lessons will empower growth and faith in your child as they begin to interact with the world and each other in new ways.

I am a Witness

Powerhouse (Grade 9-12): meet in MC-6.
Powerhouse helps anchor faith by promoting acts of service, building awareness of social injustices and empowering young people to get involved. The program begins with fellowship and food. At 10:30 the lesson is presented using a variety of formats (lectures, panel presentations, multimedia presentations, small group discussions, outreach projects and much more). For more information visit the Powerhouse page.

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