The Collective

A Young Adult Ministry

Who we are

A movement of Jesus followers.
A community that wants to deepen their relationship with God.
A people of integrity, transparency, the Word, the Walk, and of courageous love.
A family where you are challenged.
A space where you can ask questions.
A home where you are welcomed and belong.
The Collective is a ministry for young people from ages 18-35 that provides a safe and welcoming space to have thoughtful conversations, where divergent viewpoints are encouraged. It inspires, encourages, and brings young adults deeper into relationship with Jesus and others.

Most young adults struggle to find purpose and a community they belong to. We are growing a diverse young adult family where you can develop a deepening connection with God and others so you can live a meaning-filled life.


What do we do?
We connect young adults to God, the church family and to our surrounding community.


Why do we exist?
To inspire, encourage, and bring young adults deeper into relationship with Jesus and others through conversations, fellowship and spirituality.


Where are we going?
To be a community of faith, hope and belonging inspiring all to seek relationship with God and humanity.


What guides our journey? 
  • Family- Community of love and acceptance.
  • Authenticity- Be true to who you are.
  • Involvement- Serving the church and local community.
  • Transformation- Bible-based Sabbath school discussions, Bible studies and prayer.
  • Hope- Sharing the gospel of salvation beyond our comfort zone.
The Journey is always happening.
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We meet via Zoom on Sabbath mornings for fellowship and discussions from 10:30 – 11:30 am.

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