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Scripture Meditation
True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans and widows in their troubles, and to refuse to be corrupted by the world’s values.

James 1:27
The Passion Translation



Thank you for the opportunity to do something when I see a need. Thank you that you can work through whatever I have, however small it may seem. Let me partner with you today in making a difference in someone’s life with a small kindness, a little task done, a word of encouragement. Let me share in Jesus’ joy!


Time for Reflection
Can you think of a time when someone has arrived to help with just what you needed at the right time? Has there been a time when you have had opportunity to be there for someone at just the right time? How did that experience impact your understanding of God?

Take the Challenge

Ask God to direct your mind and your steps to a person who needs help today, then act on it! You may want to share the joy of that experience with your family or a close friend. Let’s start a contagion of helping!

+Our Photo Challenge!

Post your picture on your favorite social media with #involvement #azurehills showing how you are getting and staying involved at Azure Hills today.


How do you #pictureAzureHills?
Join our Azure Hills church community as we #pictureAzureHills together – celebrating God’s presence in our everyday moments. We invite you to share these moments, especially when we cannot share them together in person.

What is #pictureAzureHills?
This is a daily scripture, prayer, challenge, reflection question, and photo challenge that will join us together as a faith community, as we are intentional about our connection with one another during this season.

#WeAreAzureHills Photo Challenge
We want to invite you to share this journey with your faith community and use each day’s theme to inspire a daily photo. Post each day on your favorite social media site together.
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